Sunday, 23 August 2015

Flying visits this week.

quick visits to the plot last week got a little done, I'm on holiday this week so hoping to get a bit more done. All of the onions are either hung up or drying out, still 2 rows of spuds to take up and store. The rest is coming on slowly out side, greenhouse is doing ok so picking toms and cucumbers. Had my first peppers this week which is quite good, look forward to picking loads more over the coming weeks. 

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Few little visits

popped a couple of time during the week but had a cracking time on Saturday, it went so fast but was ok. Everything is growing now and need harvesting or waste it, most of the onions have fallen over so been picking them up.  Never have enough space to store them while drying, once dried it should be ok. 

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Things are coming on.

Things are picking up a little more now we've had some sun and rain, onions are starting to fatten up and spuds have some flowers not a lot. Broad beans / sugar snap are no good this year normally the beans do well, the beetroot are starting to grow better now so look forward to eating them. Still eating last years and drinking the wine from them, cabbages not doing so well the pigeons have been at them so will have to get a better plan next year. Toms are coming on slowly both my set and the ones been given, the ones I've been given are a little pale for some reason. Also quite small in size unless these are small bush toms, I haven't use Tom feed I've use compry and liquid beer yeasts which I've used before. Maybe i should put my hand in my pocket and buy some,peppers are slowly getting bigger not that big though. 

I've picked some strawberries again this week roughly about 8lb after to cleaned them up, also picked some more raspberries. Oh picked my first purple top swede this year and  have a few more to pick, think that's the only type I've grown this year. I had some spuds growing in the compost bin, either shop bought ones thrown away or old ones from the plot. So I decided to dig them out to see what I had didn't get a lot, some early and main crop so looks like I'll be having them for tea tonight.  

We have bees on the plot which have made home in Keith's compost bin, I have either a wasp or hornet making a home in a hole in my shed. We also have had quite a few dragonflys around the pond area, which are nice to see.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

That week went quick

Wow that week went faster than I thought just a few visits to the plot this week, picked some rhubarb and strawberries this week. About 8lb of rhubarb and 5lb of strawberries, some of the rhubarb has been eaten and the strawberries are all frozen. This time last year I was taking home broad beans / spuds and onions, not this year it's getting later and later so will have tom plant earlier next . That's it from the plot this week not much to report, got rained off today so potted a few things and came home.